Corona: behavioral guidelines

Dear Patients,
For your own and the protection of others, please answer the health declaration and observe the guidelines for behavior.

download health status form


  • No unannounced visits to the practice are permitted.
  • Please bring the signed health status form to your appointment and hand it in at the reception. No appointments can take place before receipt of the form.
  • Please be punctual for your appointment. Due to COVID-related measures, resources are heavily constrained. Please only change your appointment if absolutely necessary, and 48 hours before at the latest, so we can schedule the required resources and avoid any unnecessary expenditure to you.
  • If you are over the age of 60 or you / your child are part of a high-risk group, please let us know on the phone before your appointment so we can take this into consideration for scheduling appointment times.
  • Please brush your teeth in advance of the appointment, at home - due to hygiene measures, tooth brushing in the public area of the practice should be avoided.
  • For children / adolescents: max. 1 accompanying person. Please also discuss safety guidelines with your children. (As much as we’re happy to see grandparents come along for appointments in regular times, we would currently strongly caution against it.)
  • Please bring your own face mask. You must always wear a mask at the practice. Please only take off your own mask / your child’s mask upon instruction; when taking off a mask, please do not place it on any bare surface, but keep it on a piece of paper towel.
  • At the reception: Please keep 2 meters distance to other people. Please wait to be called forward before advancing to reception; then, hand in the signed health status form.
  • Hand hygiene: Please wash your hands with soap or use disinfectant before treatment starts.
  • In all rooms: Please keep all conversation to a minimum, in order to reduce the risk of droplet transmission.
  • Please do not unnecessarily touch any items lying around.
  • Please do not touch your mouth or reach for your orthodontic appliance with bare hands, to avoid spreading saliva on your hands and nearby surfaces.
  • If you have accidentally touched your mouth or orthodontic appliances, please wash your hands immediately with soap.